About us


Who we are and what we do...

The winery was established at the end of 2017 by one member of the Radenković family, born in the village of Trnavci (Župa), and wish to maintain the tradition for four generations. The winery produces wine from its own grapes from old plantations on soil and microclimate of the localities of Varina and Carigrad.

Much has already been written about the Radenković family, the wine-growing Župa region, in the media and materials on wine production, where the localities Varina and Carigrad are described in detail, and they do not need to be presented here.

Due to easier functioning, the production plant is located in Belgrade, and the grapes production branch is in the village of Trnavci, from whose surroundings the grapes mostly comes.

In a very imaginatively designed winery facility located in Ledine just above New Belgrade, the technical and production part of the winery is fully operational. However, due to the significant investment and the economic moment in which we live, at this moment the tasting space and the belvedere located at the top of the tower, after which the winery is named and which offers a spectacular view of most of Belgrade, are still not completely finished. For this reason, the winery is still not ready to receive guests and organize a tasting in the facility. I hope that will change soon, and it will soon be possible to visit the winery itself with the obligatory prior announcement.

Dear wine lover, desiring and hoping that in my wines you will recognize at least a part of the magic that I wanted to create and convey, I toast you with a traditional toast from Župa: Stay healthy!

Gvozden Radenković